Why blog at all?

Adding Good Content to Your Website is Good Business

Audio Interview “Why Should I Add A Blog to My Website?”

Not a lot of people like to write. Why? Because writing good content is hard. And a little revealing. So why blog?

The difference between a website without a blog and one with a regular blog is traffic. Adding just one blog post to a website will increase the next day’s traffic tenfold. Google sees your post immediately (if you have set your site up right for at least basic SEO). It’s very exciting to see such a big jump. I often get phone calls as a result of the fresh traffic. But the sudden rise in traffic will fall away over time. After about a week you will see a drop off. The secret? Write often. You need to make a habit out of it.

this is why blog sites do well google analytics

Some of the best websites I’ve built were the ones which had lively traffic. Forums such as The Southern Forests Employment Hub (built by yours truly) and the (now defunct) Bicycle Transportation Alliance will rank high due to regular chatter generated by vocal members. If you have three or four people uploading thoughts and concerns about road rules and bicycle traffic, you are likely to rise in search for the term “bicycle.” Why blog ? Another big reason is because…

Google Eats Words

For breakfast, lunch and dinner

It’s all about traffic.

Google Ads Vs. Blogs

Google Ads is another way to get traffic in to your site. But Google Ads different to blogging. Both are designed to attract traffic, but people who click on ads are more likely to buy your product or service.They literally have a wallet on the table. They are in shopping mode.

There’s less pressure to buy wen you are reading an informational blog post like this one. Readers of blogs don’t have their wallet on the table. They want to read, be entertained and/or learn more about a subject.

The volition is different. Someone writing about a subject (almost for fun) usually cares abou the subject. They’re not writing to make money. Not directly. They enjoy the subject and want to tell everyone about it. Their business may have started out as a hobby – and then grew into a going concern. Their blog post should transmit their feelings of excitement about the subject. They care.

I’m hoping that, by writing about a subject, I’ll attract clients who care about what they are selling. It’s why blog writers are considered experts in their field. Imagine. A blogger gets ten times more traffic than anyone else. She has a bigger mouthpiece and is exploring the topic (of her business) more thoroughly.

OK, So Why Blog More Than 1,000 Words?

Google needs to see what your web page is about. It’s pretty good at reading, but it’s 100% blind. It’s why Photographers have such a hard time getting found. They upload photos weekly, but rarely add any writing to their image – usually nothing more than a few sentences. A picture speaks a thousand words, right? No. Aside forom an image’s ALT tag (and maybe the image title and filename) Google has no idea what you are about.

Three hundred words is great, but you are probably competing with thousands of other websites that discuss your subject only briefly.

Number of Words Vs. In-bound Links

number of words and linking domains

By writing more intensive, detailed content about a subject that really matters to you personally, you are not only giving readers compelling content, but Google can “see” what your post is about. Plus people will link back to your post if it’s informative. All that website content helps Google to index your site and the length of your post can push it higher.

Why blog? Relevant traffic is why. And it’s cheaper than advertising.

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