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Website Updates & Tweaks

Website Content Updates

  • 1 HOUR per month
  • Add a new page
  • Add a form
  • Change address & emails
  • beautify a new blog post
  • optimise 5 photos
  • (3hrs total)


  • 2 HOURS per month
  • Edit a 1000 word blog
  • Rejig a logo or graphic
  • Add a complex form
  • Rework your site menu
  • Change colour scheme
  • (12hrs total)


  • 1x8hr DAY every month
  • Website Makeover
  • Tri-fold A4 flyer
  • Extensive SEO makeover
  • Half-day film shoot
  • Edit 1-3 minute movie
  • (96hrs total)


Fine Print

Our website update service is designed for clients who want to add regular content to their site/s. Pay yearly and save.

  • Consultancy Rate: $135/hr
  • All fees are payable up-front
  • Hours can roll over if not used (to a maximum of 3 months)
  • Anything that takes under 12 minutes is free of charge for clients on a website maintenance plan.
  • Your site health has to be >80% (Use Website Grader check your site)

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Other things you can do on your website

  • Changing five names and email addresses
  • Adding a pre-written blog post with one image
  • Embedding a YouTube video on a page
  • Uploading a PDF file
  • Adding a styled button
  • Changing the colour of a graphic / text.

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