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Broken Website ?

I need a website rescue
“Aw. My website broke. I didn’t do it. I need a website rescue.”

It’s terrible when a website breaks through no fault of your own. Hackers and outdated software are the usual culprits, but sometimes sites break for simple reasons.

Most of our work comes from clients who have a broken or ailing website. The good news is, all of our rescued clients are now happy. Dare I say they even have a newfound respect for their resurrected new website and a better understanding of website security.

We fix broken websites and migrate sites to new servers every week. If you’re in trouble, give us access to run some checks. Call 0417 0417 43 or fill in the form (right).

How much to fix a broken website?

It’s not easy to give an estimate without seeing your website issue. By the way, websites don’t really “break” – but I think you guessed that. In 99.9% of cases, text content and photos are perfectly fine. Sitting in folders where they have always been. In fact that’s what we do first.

Below are figures for various website rescue sites we’ve brought back from the ashes. Assume the cost below is to fix a simple 10 page website. Bigger, more complex websites are tricky and may cost more.

Problem Solution $
Need to put on new server website migration $500+
My website is spamvertising website rescue $500+
Technical issue update software < $500
Nasty links or text website migration $500+
Oops. I did something wrong. client misadventure < $500
My web designer is an idiot website migration $500*
My web designer has gone AWOL website rescue $500*

* The minimum amount you will pay will be $349pa. I your web firm is a bit flaky (suspicious charges anyone?) you probably need a website maintenance plan.

This is our process;

  • put up a blank maintenance page
  • rescue all images and text content
  • run a sitewide virus check
  • check to see if a domain has been blacklisted
  • if no issues, update and secure the site
  • if issues, decide on further action (fix or migrate)

Hackers have different goals than you. Usually to advertise nepharious products or use your server as a spam-machine. Hackers are interested in your code. They don’t care about your content.

website broke. keep calm

Websites don’t really “break” but they do get hacked. Regularly.

Most websites can be back online within hours. The longest it’s taken us is about two weeks – that’s if it’s a big website migration. That client had 1,500 products in a complicated e-commerce WordPress website. Everything was out of date. The migration cost just under $2,000 but the client is very happy.

If your server is full of hacked code, we will need to move your broken website to a clean one. We’ve moved a couple of sites to our own servers, but any clean server will do.

Subscribe to a Website Maintenance Plan

In several cases we fixed a website during a phone call. If it is a simple fix (that takes less than 12 mintues) we charge nothing for it. However clients want peace of mind and will usually purchase a website maintenance plan ($449pa) as a preventative measure.

To stop this problem happening again, we recommend subscribing to one of our website maintenance plans. Your website will always be secure, healthy and able to be upgraded at a moment’s notice.

How Healthy is Your Website?

You can check all sorts of things about your website for free.
Here are the resources we use to check your website…

Call us on 0417 0417 43 or fill in the form top right.

More horrible website thoughts . . .

  • I think I’ve been hacked. All is lost.
  • It’s a DIY site and did something wrong. I think.
  • I’ve lost control of my domain name. And my life.
  • I’ve lost everything and there’s no backup. Boo hoo.
  • Oh no. Something’s wrong and my ex has all the passwords
  • I can’t keep dealing with this web company.
  • Website broke. Me broke too.
  • I like my website but nobody can find it.
  • This server is always getting hacked.
  • I just cleaned it. Was the hacker just sitting in the back there?

Amanda’s Website Rescue story . . .

Amanda says . . .

Geoffrey Multimedia saved me. My website had been hacked, I had lost my c-panel passwords and was ready to cry. I anticipated it costing heaps and becoming a drama. But no! Edwin efficiently and elegantly answered my call for help, got me back up and running within hours (the same day!) and gave me a great website maintenance plan price to keep it running, healthy and up to date forever (or as long as I wanted it). Thanks a bunch, Edwin!

You’re welcome Amanda :)

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