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Website Questionnaire

Thinking of having a website built, but don’t know where to start?

This Questionnaire will make you think about some of the issues involved.

You can choose to send this info to yourself (for your own records) or you can also send a copy to Geoffrey Multimedia. In the latter case, we do not share your information & treat all information with the utmost care, confidentiality & respect.

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    Why do you want a new website (or have your old one redesigned)

    Describe your organisation in a few sentences

    What goals do you have for the new website? (i.e. increase sales, build a solid brand, social marketing etc.)

    Who will be the primary target audience for this web site? (i.e. existing clients, potential customers, employees, members)

    Do you have a Core Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point (A brief statement that sums up your competitive advantage i.e. why someone should buy from you instead of a competitor?)

    What is your budget? (approximate. min-max range is fine)

    What roles and individuals will be involved in this project? (i.e. primary contact, content producer, maintenance going forward)

    Examples of other web sites within (or outside of) your industry that are appealing to you, and why. (List their addresses here and we'll check them out.)

    List your favourite, and least favourite features of websites in general (i.e. What is it you like and what don't you like)

    Do you have any materials such as text content, graphics, logos, etc. already prepared and ready for this project? (i.e. an example might be the text content of your home page or a few digital images of your work)

    Have any other web designers or contractors already worked on your web site? (How did you feel about the work performed? Price? Could anything have been better?)

    List of perceived industry competitors (include web address if possible)

    Have you thought about how you might incorporate social networks into your site or online strategy? (e.g. FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.)

    Is there anything else you'd like to add?

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