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Website Prices 2020

Website Prices & Plans 2020 to 2021

Sites built, developed and managed here in Australia (no offshore coders).

  • Unlimited Pages
  • Blogger / Personal
  • 2Gb Monthly Transfer
  • 1yr FREE hosting
  • Fast server


  • Lead Generation
  • Business
  • 5Gb Monthly Transfer
  • 1yr FREE hosting
  • Fast server


  • Shopping Cart
  • Basic SEO
  • eCommerce
  • 25Gb Monthly Transfer
  • 1yr FREE hosting
  • Fast server


Additional notes about above Website Costs . . .

  • C & D include $450 Basic SEO built in
  • eCommerce sites have other associated costs not listed here
  • Unlimited pages/images as you like
  • All sites must be on a maintenance plan for smooth operation
  • Your server or ours (our server is strictly for maintained sites)
  • Maintenance means your site is always up to date
  • Maintenance means your site is healthy
  • Maintenance means your site is 100% upgradeable
  • Maintenance on our server means free hosting
  • Super fast 20X faster Lightspeed Server ( Site hosted on SSD card for extra grunt
  • Website prices can be split into monthly payments over 1 year for 10% extra
  • Allow 2-8 weeks build time depending on complexity
  • Sites are 100% mobile ready


Website examples

Some of our small business designs are showcased below.

  • d and c autoglass website front front end development
    Front front end design and development. This custom theme was built for maximum conversion. Combined with Gold Monthly SEO and an intermittent Google Ad Campaign, this site is worked on every week. In the last 3 weeks alone traffic has increased by 60%+ and leads are finding their way through various linked Socialmedia channels..

If you want to see our latest live work and other services, check out the website development work page.


Included in all website prices . . .

Mobile-friendly, Responsive Design

With modern responsive design techniques, there’s no reason to have two sites built (one for desktops and another for mobile devices). Nor is it any more expensive. With a responsive website design, your site adjust to suit the device (using CSS media queries which detect the pixel-width of your screen). Shrink the border of your browser to see how this site displays in a slimmer window (that’s exactly what we do when testing for mobile-readiness). There is no extra website cost for mobile. It is included in the overall design.

Google is trying to clean up the web by delivering the best possible experience to users. 30-40% of current website traffic now mobile.

Test your website’s mobile friendliness with Google

Don’t get hit with Google’s Mobilegeddon. All our websites work on phones, tablets, iOS devices, phablets, laptops and desktops. None of our clients were penalised by Mobilegeddon.

Add Pages, News, Events & Blog Posts

Your site can be easily updated in-house. All you need is a username and password. You can add as many pages as you like no matter the website price and blog every day if you wish – even with our basic sites.

Some of our clients get us to update their sites, but you can easiluy do that yourself. What we sometimes do is clean up ugly pages and make everything look attractive. If it’s just a matter of uploading your word doc, we wll do that for free. In fact, if anything takes less than 12 minutes – we roll it in to the hosting and maintenance cost of your site.

Full Webmaster Support

Support is available 5 days per week during normal office hours from 8am-6pm.

Read about your webmaster (Edwin) here. Edwin is currently writing a book for non-coders who want to manage their website effectively. Geoffrey Multimedia clients will get the Kindle ebook for free.

We are more than happy with the ongoing site maintenance, and your quick and responsive tech support as well as your all of your ideas – It is clear that you know your stuff and love what you do – it is reflected in your work. Overall – a tonne of great value!
Annette –

100% Upgradeable Websites?

All our sites are 100% upgradeable. All that really means is that we keep the base code of your Content Management System (CMS) always secure and up to date. Your site is ready for an upgrade at any time. Geoffrey sites are literally future proof and can be upgraded at a discount after one year.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting & Maintenance covers; hosting, domain name/s, site security, some site tweaks and monthly software updates. Read more about what we do when it comes to maintaining your website.

Work is done here in Australia

(no outsourcing)

We do not believe in outsourcing because the quality of work is always bad. Because website price information is so readily available, people working in countries such as India or the Phillippines (where most Australian web companies outsource) end up costing the same. The site might look the biz, but your new website might also get you banned from Google because it is utilising black hat SEO practices.

All work is done in Perth, Western Australia. Having said that, most of our clients are in Queensland. We’re not really sure why that is but we get a lot of work out of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Because of the distance, we work harder to please inter-state clients. We also have clients in Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and throughout NSW.

Payment Terms

Outright payment

Upon receiving an initial deposit of 40%, we immediately start work building your website based on our discussions and mock-ups. When your site is up and functioning we will invoice you another 30%. Then we go through your final changes before the website finally goes live. The final 30% is billed when you are happy with the overall look, feel and functionality.

Once all bills are paid and your site is live, we continue work on some basic SEO elements of your site. We let Google know where you are an monitor your site through Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools).

Due to recent job losses in the mining industry, we now include monthly plans.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

The process can take between 1 and 8 weeks depending on the complexity.

Monthly Payment Plans

(with deposit)

Once we receive your first payment we immediately start building your site. In a few weeks your site will be ready to view and revise – just as if you had built it outright.

Build your website properly

When you build a site with Geoffrey, you get to do it your way. That’s because you’re communicating directly with the person who is responsible for the design, code, SEO implementation and management of your website.

We aim to keep website costs down. All sites are built in Perth, Western Australia. Although strangely most of our clients reside in Queensland. We use servers in Australia, Singapore, UK, Queensland & USA.

Stop noodling. Or if you already have a website, noodle alongside a professional by getting aboard one of our website maintenance plans.

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