Wait, what? I already have a website. Isn’t that marketing?

The short answer is NO. You need to publicise the fact that you have a website in order to get traffic and make a sale. If you don’t market your website, nothing will happen. All that attention you gave to that web developer as she designed and implemented your every wish and whim – is now wasted. You need to feed the beast. And you need to feed it good and useful content for your readers.

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Website Marketing Home Truths

With over 1 Billion websites, you better do an interesting tap-dance

It’s one thing to talk about your weekly specials, new products and events you’re about to give a talk at – it’s another to take your site to market. And these days, people are tired of marketing language. “Solutions” anyone?

Give FREE Info

A week ago I was interviewing a client for his blog and we stumbled across the idea of DIY (Do-It-Yourself). I asked my client – “Can you give anyone any tips on how they can service their own boat?” The client was mildly put out. His thinking was “I’m doing myself out of a job. If I tell them how to do it themselves, why would they need me?”

And that, dear readers, is how most of you think – but it’s not at all how the internet actually works.

How the Internet works

The internet is a bit like a fortune teller. If you write about it, the phone will ring.

Sadly (it may seem to you) you need to give all your information away for free – on a regular basis. Well, maybe not ALL. If you don’t inform your readers, your competitor/s will. So – forget about them and get on with your own life.

People may not want your product today, or even tomorrow, but you want them thinking about you – much earlier in the buying cycle. They’re happy to read your weekly tips. And if they get hooked to your bottomless drip of useful information, guess who they will call first (should they need your particular widget)?

Regular Blog

(Almost another word for Content Marketing)

And keeping yourself in their minds usually means keeping up a regular blog. Include DIY sections, How-tos, Help pages and Informative News. Only you know best about your product.

I keep getting asked;

“Are Weebly.com, Wix.com and Squarespace.com taking away all your clients?” My response to that is “On the contrary. They are training my future clients.”

Beat Your Competition To It

Now is not the time to fear your competition.

Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to oblivion. Er. What did Yoda say? – Anyhoo . . .

Think about how you can use your competition. What do they do better? Be up front and honest about them. Try their services.

About 10% of my clients are ones who have come to me after experiencing managing a free website of their own. They are also my best clients. They know what’s in this. It’s huge! I recommend all potential clients go the FREE way first. It’s a really great run up to the kind of stuff I do for my people. I’ve had website clients who left me after a few years. Some defect to a free website building service when their bill falls due. Which is fine. It used to make me feel sad, but these days I smile to myself.

They’ll be back.

Nine times out of ten, they eventually (usually after one year) come back. A little bit wiser about what it is I actually do. Gobbledy-gook HTML, CSS and all that palava now makes a bit more sense. Edwin was good. Now I know why.

NB: Also FREE is never really free. or example, did you know that Squarespace has rights over all your content? Read terms carefully.

Your website as Linchpin

Your website is at the centre of everything you do online – so do it there first and then share to the other platforms. I use www.buffer.com to share posts (and any interesting little tech tidbit actually) to Twitter, Facebook Business, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus (what is Google doing with that platform?).

Do it first on your blog – then share the same content out to all your Social Media platforms.

If you don’t, this kind of judgement will take place…

Oh, I just saw their instagram post, but the website didn’t have that pic. Maybe they don’t care enough.

Potential client (on seeing your website last updated 6 months ago . . .

If they don’t care, why should I?
If they don’t care, why should I?

If they don’t care, why should I?

If they don’t care, why should I?

If they don’t care, why should I?

If they don’t care, why should I?

Dramatic enough for you?

Think about what your potential buyers need rather than what you want. Otherwise, you’ll be the Billy Nofriends of website fame.

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