Why pay for website maintenance?

What is website maintenance?

A WordPress website lasts forever, right? Everything on the web is backwards compatible, right?

Yes. If your site is managed. But that’s very rarely the case and how I get most new work.

Website Security

A non-managed website can be a nightmare to resurrect and good website developers aren’t cheap. We specialise in WordPress websites but can maintain Drupal, Joomla and other Content Management Systems. Check out our page Website Broke?.

Engage Geoffrey Multimedia and never worry about your website again. Or if not Edwin, do get someone else to do it. I’ll even add stuff to your website, tweak a blog post for best chance SEO and add a relevant image if you forget to. While we encourage you to add content to your website, we do offer a content marketing service.

Did Google De-list You?

Google will de-list your site if it is considered unhealthy

In the past (before I came on the scene) some clients had their website banned by Google. All we webmasters see is a red flag in Google Search Console alerting us to the problem. But that only happens if you are plugged in to Google Search Console (part of our website maintenance service).

Keyword stuffing (inserting high-ranking keywords into your page content or writing the same terms over and over) is considered a form of spam by Google and should be avoided. But not many modern SEO companies seem to be aware of this.

Google’s Moving Goal-posts

With over 1 billion websites and counting, Google’s SEO Terms and Conditions are getting stricter and stricter.

If you do get added to Google’s ban list, fixing the mistakes may not be enough to get your domain re-listed.

Poor quality sites (and brand new ones) are less trusted by Google. If you don’t pull your socks up and provide evidence that you are now on your best behaviour, Google will penalise you . . . but they won’t tell you directly. That would be revealing their algorithm. Google’s secret recipe.

We can fix your website

In short, if you’ve been bad, we can find that out for you and rebuild your online reputation. Our yearly website maintenance fees are all you pay. Hosting is free (and we’re talking about Litespeed servers all around the world coming off SSD cards!).

All you should have to worry about is keeping your site’s content fresh and up to date (not doing so is the biggest website sin).

There’s no such thing as too late

“But my site is a mess. It’s gonna cost a bomb!”

No. It’s not.

Sure, some websites really are beyond redemption and might require more work to resurrect from the ashes than to start over completely.

I’ll let you know if this is the case before we do any website maintenance. No obligation.

If you do have to start again, we can help. Where you are (with an unmanaged timebomb or a broken website) is where many of our clients come from.

We are familiar with most Content Management Systems including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla.

NB: Joomla v1.5 and under sites are undoubtedly already stuffed, but if we can salvage your content, we can rebuild your website. Content is king!

Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes. We do that. That’s what we mean. We do it every day.

WordPress runs between 25% and 30% of all sites on the net.

Several website hosting providers now offer specialist WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting is where the technical aspects of running a WordPress website are managed by us. Security, back-ups, site speed, updates, some site tweaks and scalability are covered (a comprehensive list of what we do).

Our aim is to offer clients a seamless online experience, while you focus on your business.

In the case of Geoffrey Multimedia, the site maintenance fee is all you pay. Cl us anytime about anything.

Your Own Webmaster

We know technical webmastery stuff (website maintenance) inside out.

We write and know CSS and HTML inside out and insist on using approved, premium or supported third-party software alongside best practice, Google-friendly SEO techniques.

We don’t touch or modify core CMS files (most programmers do) and we are happy to advise about any content you upload to your site that may conflict with Google’s mercurial SEO policy. We prefer WordPress but often work with other systems.

If you feel some of this doesn’t make sense or you need further clarification, please email edwin@geoffrey.com.au.

If you suspect your site does need some kind of maintenance (i.e. you are having trouble with the running of it and aren’t 100% sure how to keep it up to date) fill in the form below and we will be in touch. Allow 48hrs for us to get back to you.

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