Website Maintenance Service

Website Maintenance Service

website maintenanceOur Website Maintenance Service keeps the software running your website up to date, secure and visible to Search Engines. Our Website Support Service means you’ve got dedicated Tech Support for your website. Pay yearly or monthly.

Without website maintenance, your site will eventually experience issues such as; hacking, bloating, Google penalties, getting blacklisted, a myriad of errors, bad SEO and sluggish speed. This is not a scare tactic for the risk-averse website owner. We rescue broken websites every month. They usually break because they are not supported.

Your Website Type #Pages Yearly Monthly
No CMS (just HTML, PHP, CSS & JavaScript files) < 20 $349 $39
WP / drupal / Joomla < 15 $449 $44
Small Business / Basic Corporate < 18 $549 $49
Ecommerce / Complex Websites < 20 $649 $59
Community / Many Users n/a $749 $64

Google rolls out new search engine rules (sometimes daily) – so you need to be up to speed and know what you can (white hat SEO) and can’t do (black hat SEO) on your site. Just “leaving it” will ensure expensive errors down the track. Hire a professional webmaster to maintain your website and sleep peacefully from only $349pa.

NB: Website maintenance does not mean adding fresh content to your site. Check out our website updates plans for that service. Our Content Marketing Plans (with SEO) are another way to keep your site fresh and relevant.

FREE hosting on a fast (Litespeed) Apache server is included with all maintenance plans. Or we are happy to work with your existing host / server.

Free Tweaks

Anything < 12 minutes is Free

Content tweaks that take less than 12 minutes (e.g. changing text and minor image updates) are included with a website maintenance fee. This could be;

  • Changing five names and email addresses
  • Adding a pre-written blog post with one image
  • Embedding a YouTube video on a page
  • Uploading a PDF file
  • Adding a styled button
  • Changing the colour of a graphic / text.

Send the files attached to an email.

No Website Maintenance Plan?

This is what Amanda experienced in late 2015 . . .

Amanda says . . .

Geoffrey Multimedia saved me. My website had been hacked, I had lost my c-panel passwords and was ready to cry. I anticipated it costing heaps and becoming a drama. But no! Edwin efficiently and elegantly answered my call for help, got me back up and running within hours (the same day!) and gave me a great website maintenance plan price to keep it running, healthy and up to date forever (or as long as I wanted it).

I am still stunned at the great service, price and thrilled that I can support an AUSTRALIAN business rather then sending my money overseas to save a few bucks. Thanks a bunch, Edwin!


It’s Basically a Full Webmaster Service

Seriously. If you have a website, you need a professional Webmaster. A managed website means you don’t worry. Website maintenance means your site stays 100% healthy and from only $449pa (for a CMS website – including hosting) it’s a bargain.

For a yearly price, we include minor website content updates (such as updating staff info, adding new images, simple text changes and deleting old info). For a full content marketing and SEO service, read this page.

What we actually do . . .

Besides keeping your main CMS software up to date and hosted on a LiteSpeed (blisteringly fast) server, we;

During set-up

  • Fix issues that arose from not being managed in the past (e.g. clean up database, dead links)
  • Obscure login pages to prevent hacker attacks (usually done immediately)
  • Test for malware and clean your site if bugs are found (the #1 reason why sites “break”)
  • Check site health and remove it from blacklists (e.g. Google, Norton etc.)
  • Add code which tells Google to re-index every page you update (great for SEO).
  • Add your site to Google Search Console to monitor inconsistencies & SEO issues
  • Remove non-working links (Googlebot often stops reading your site if it discovers dead links)
  • Check forms are working and add security measures (prevents bots injecting malware into your Db)
  • On-site back-up of form data. This means you will never lose a lead!
  • Custom PHP functions updated (e.g. events / calendar / Google Maps / other PHP libraries)
  • Communicate with your hosting people (if you are not hosted with us).
  • Walk you through any aspect of your site over the phone. Including stuff we didn’t do.


Regular Check-ins (weekly and monthly)

  • Update 3rd party software updates (plugins, extensions, PHP mods and tweaks).
  • Minimizing the size of your html, js and css files (speeds up your site for SEO).
  • Respond and fix issues discovered by Google Search Console (good SEO)
  • Black Hat SEO checking (client misadventure or poor “SEO tweaking”)
  • Remove non-working links (Google stops crawling when it discovers dead links)
  • Redirect old pages to new ones to preserve link juice.
  • Prevention of Denial of Service attacks (DoS attacks) when possible.
  • Fix site access issues or site lock-outs (including creating new logins)
  • Monthly site clean & anti-virus protection
  • Answer all email queries or phone calls (9am-5pm weekdays Perth time)
  • Fix navigation / menu issues when adding new pages / posts / images.
  • Resolve site crashes.
  • Remove suspicious or mis-behaving files.
  • Block countries where hacking originates (if you need this).
  • Communicate with your server (if you are self-hosted).
  • Walk you through any aspect of your site over the phone.

Jobs under 12 minutes are FREE on a Geoffrey Website Maintenance Plan.

NB: Large community websites cost around $749pa

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