Is Your Website Broke?

my website broke. oh no.
“Aw. My website broke. I didn’t do it. I feel sad.”

Is Your Website Broke?

We Fix Websites

Yup. Let’s take a look . . .

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How much does it cost to fix a broken website?

Website broke? It’s not easy to give an estimate without seeing your website. By the way, websites don’t really “break” but I think you guessed that.

Below are figures for websites we’ve brought back from the ashes. Assume the cost below is to fix a simple 10 page website. Bigger, more complex websites are tricky and cost more. Thinking about the size of your job in terms of the number of individual web pages.

What you think What we think, but don’t say Per 10pp
Website broke. This always happens. She might be doing something wrong. Let’s check. About $500
My website is old and was hacked. Meh. Normal. You need to make sure it doesn’t happen again. About $500
I tried to DIY but find it tricky. If you’re not technically minded, get someone else onto it. About $500
All my content has gone missing. Maybe, but I doubt it. Let’s get in there have a look. About $350*
I did something wrong. Probably, but that’s also normal. Time to investigate. About $350*
My web designer doesn’t have a clue. Ugh. Another one. My industry is full of cowboys. About $500

* The minimum amount you will pay will be $350

website broke. keep calmWebsites don’t really “break” but they get hacked. regularly.

Most websites can be back online within hours. The longest it’s taken us is about one week – that’s if it’s a big job. In one case we did it during a phone call. If your server is full of hacked code, we may need to move you to a clean server. We’ve moved a couple of sites to our own servers, but any clean server space will do.

Subscribe to our Website Maintenance Plans

To stop this problem happening again, we recommend subscribing to one of our website maintenance plans. From $349pa, your website will always be secure, healthy and able to be upgraded at a moment’s notice. Get yourself a website wing-man. Have your site monitored 24/7 by a professional.

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More horrible things you’re probably thinking . . .

  • I think I’ve been hacked. All is lost.
  • It’s a DIY site and did something wrong. I think.
  • I’ve lost control of my domain name. And my life.
  • I’ve lost everything and there’s no backup. Boo hoo.
  • Oh no. Something’s wrong and my ex has all the passwords
  • I can’t keep dealing with this web company.
  • Website broke. Me broke too.
  • I like my website but nobody can find it.
  • This server is always getting hacked.
  • I just cleaned it. Was the hacker just sitting in the back there?

Don’t listen to us . . .

Amanda says . . .

Geoffrey Multimedia saved me. My website had been hacked, I had lost my c-panel passwords and was ready to cry. I anticipated it costing heaps and becoming a drama. But no! Edwin efficiently and elegantly answered my call for help, got me back up and running within hours (the same day!) and gave me a great website maintenance plan price to keep it running, healthy and up to date forever (or as long as I wanted it). Thanks a bunch, Edwin!

You’re welcome Amanda :)

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