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A lot of people understand FaceBook and many of my co-horts “get” the dynamic CV aspect of LinkedIn, but when I tell people I love Twitter, they kind of smile blankly, yawn and go get their coat.

This isn’t the case in most of Asia, though. People there use Twitter like we use mobile phones – it’s almost Asia’s prime method of communication.

Q: What is Twitter’s Good For?

A: Sharing information quickly

I read a lot. A LOT! Tech journals, newspapers, non-fiction books, fiction books, jokes, medical, science and health news. I do most of my reading on an iPad and many of the apps (news aggregator-syle programs such as Flipboard) have a Tweet button next to each news item. If I like something, or find it interesting, I click that button and it shares a link to the article on Twitter. I usually add a funny or wry comment, but that’s me.

Once I’ve shared about 5 interesting things, I’ll then post something about my services, or remind people that I’m a web developer by sharing a recent web design – or issue I’ve encountered when giving a site an SEO makeover.

I’ll share tweets by showing them at the bottom of my website. If I update my Twitter feed, it shows on the bottom of my site.

Twitter keeps your web site up to date

We all know that keeping your website updated is the best approach to SEO. In fact, adding stuff to your website which can help others is an even better way to get your head around SEO. That’s ultimately what Google wants us to do. Add value to the we. It’s also why I’m writing this blog.

But did you also know that social media sharing and activity goes quite a big way towards your SEO score?

When we’re busy, we forget to attend our own garden.

Every now and again, I’ll miss a week’s blog post. Don’t we all?

But it’s little or no effort at all to hit the tweet button on my iPad and share an interesting link, image or article. You can even do this on a Kindle reader (post an interesting snippet from a book that is). People don’t have to be on Twitter to read Twitter posts. Links to articles I like are automatically posted to the bottom of my website – and here on twitter of course.

Tweet from your phone

In your Twitter account you’ll find your own personal Twitter mobile phone number. For the cost of a normal SMS (often free on a decent phone plan) you can take a photo with your phone and then post that photo to Twitter. And if you have a website your photo will appear in a link on the website.

You can also post messages – it’s a lot like sending a text message to your website, except you’ve got the ability to add a link to a photo or an article.

twitter and the internet of things IOTThe Internet of Things (IoT)

Let Twtter control your entire home (and life).

I’m going right off on a tangent here, but you can buy lightbulbs these days that will switch on when you tweet a certain line of code. For example when @objectman (that’s my twitter handle) writes #turnbedroomlighton – this sends a code to the lightbulb in the bedroom which will actually turn my light on).

I’ll leave this one there, but if you are even vaguely interested in the Internet of things, go to to see what other cool things you can do.

End of off-topic post.

Social media is important

Twitter is quick a way to update your website when you haven’t got time to upload your last job / portfolio image. So if nothing else, you can use Twitter to fill in those “lights are on but nobody’s home” gaps every website owner experiences.

It doesn’t have to be Twitter. If you spend time on FaceBook, you can do the same thing with FaceBook information. Your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter posts can all appear on the front or inner pages of your website using widgets.

It’s not only another way to keep a site fresh, up to date and relevant, but you’ll come higher in search result pages because you are actually doing a bit of SEO.

Buffer feeds them all

My Buffer account now posts to Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google Business and Facebook, so I only really have to do anything once.

What? How is that?

Read about it:

The only thing I really do on LinkedIn is keep my CV up to date. Twitter pretty much does the rest.

I do pretty much everything on Twitter or Facebook, but for them all, Buffer is best.

Tweeting helps search engines

All this stuff is fun and free. Take advantage of that now because who knows when they’ll all start charging.

Another side to linking your social media accounts is that the Google searchbot sees and follows the links (updating your XML sitemap also helps). It will help you rank higher in search results for your industry (so long as you’re tweeting about your industry).

Track your tweets

I use a free service called which lets me to see how many clicks I get every time I tweet a link to one of my posts. Over time you learn what people are interested in. will shorten my links and allows me to use my unique link on Facebook. So if there’s something I want to post to FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter at the same time (as well as all the Twitter feed on this website of course) I use

But that’s another blog post for another time.

All this is essentially … endless if you like the idea of jumping down rabbit holes. Just make sure you don’t get lost :)

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