SEO Vs. Conversion

I have a client. Let’s call him Sean. Sean has a website.

Sean’s Website

Sean runs a successful eCommerce business. He sells widgets and teaches classes on how to use his widgets.

Sean knows that I use software to help me do audits on any website. He wanted me to check his SEO score on He was using a new WordPress theme and wanted to see just how well-written the underlying code was. So I did (go ahead – check your site – it’s free).

Sean’s site scored 65% – which isn’t bad.

The score you get from SEO Site Checkup is an arbitrary number, but it gives you a fairly accurate bird’s eye view of the underlying code on any website. It’s my first port of call when starting on SEO. I also use to fine-tune advanced aspects of SEO on a website.

Sean’s 65% SEO Score

I’ll try to increase a site score from 50% (say for a badly-coded or poorly maintained site) to around 80%. If I can.

For every tweak beyond 65% – the effort needed is greater. Getting a site’s SEO score up from 65% to 75% takes around 2-3 hours of my time. Getting the same site to score an additional 5% can easily gobble up another 5 hours.

A lot depends on how the server is configured.

  • Are we on a shared or dedicated server?
  • Are meta-tags in order?
  • Does the site have a unique IP address?
  • Have all the images been named and labelled correctly?
  • Are canonical tags in place?
    (etc. etc.)

While Sean’s site had a pretty average score, he was ranking well on his chosen search terms. He appeared on page one of most Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) for most key phrases.

Interesting because his score was relatively low, right?


Sean’s conversion rate is excellent. People who go to his website often stay and then buy widgets.

But why?

Content Marketing

Sean has a lot of regularly updated content on his site. He blogs for international magazines and also writes regular (unique) articles for his own site. One of the last things in Sean’s mind is conversion and he only heard about SEO through me.

Sean is automatically converting most of his clients because they trust him,his obvious teaching skills and his website.

So the next time you think about SEO, think about Sean.

Your problem might not be SEO at all. I’ve had many clients rank #1 for a chosen search term in Google. Those same clients had very low conversion rates because they were lacking trust elements on their website.

And trust elements, dear readers, is what I’ll be writing about next.