Better Clients With SEO & Adwords

I was doing website maintenance today for an old client Dynamic Building Services ( John has been a client since forever. Since 2011.

I was also simultaneously doing Adword Campaigns for a bunch of trade industry clients.

All of this got me thinking back to 2011 when I wrote this article about Medical Websites. I had some idea about how the web worked. I also knew Doctors and Surgeons were paying at least three times as much as anyone else for their websites and frankly, I was a bit angry about it.

Anyway, I wrote this article and didn’t think much more about it until I started getting a slew of phone calls from Medical people. Doctors, surgeons and medical practitioners were phoning me up wanting me to do (or in many cases rebuild) their websites.

Why were Doctors calling me?

It hit me – the article!

Google was picking up all the keywords in the article and I was coming high in a Google search for Australian Medical Websites.

I didn’t particularly want to be doing websites for Doctors per se, but I got quite a bit of work from the one article.

Write About What You Want

I realised that whatever I wrote about would push me up in search results for that topic.

This article, by the way, isn’t written with a particular audience in mind. I’m just writing this sort of stream of consciousness to update my blog and . . . think aloud about . . . stuff. What I’m doing and where I’m going as a web aficionado.

All we have to do is give the subject – any subject – attention by writing about it. Not many people can write – or have the time to write, but adding posts to a blog is always the best way to keep your site fresh. Whenever I write about a subject on this blog, I invariably get phone calls about it.

The Soft Sell

So this morning, I wrote an email to John. His site is doing well (attracting leads and showcasing his latest work) but, partially because I like some of my clients and genuinely want to help them and their business, I thought it could be doing a lot more for him and his business.

Hi John.

I’m doing general website maintenance on your website’s back end.

Backing up images & content I’ve updated.

Stuff like:

  • your website’s spam filter
  • your contact form (code)
  • I removed old software (plugins)

I also:

  • ran a security check (all is OK)
  • did very minor SEO work

Your SEO is very healthy generally and not much needs to be done there – unless you want to move into doing specific kinds of building jobs (such as building Granny Flats or Room Extensions or Stairwells – you need a good solid page for each thing you want to do – see my “soft sell” section below)

I also optimised your Database which should speed up the site a little bit (good for SEO – which is already good). I’m telling you all this because this was an unusually big update.

I trust all is well?

If you’re curious as to what further things you could do, read on . . .

What I’m Doing for Other Clients

These days I’m not just building websites. In fact a lot of my time is taken up doing (uncredited) General SEO Work for other web companies. I’m also doing a few Google Ad campaigns for a lot of my tradie clients and they are getting quite a bit of work from it. In one case, I literally turn a Locksmith’s entire business on and off by pausing and restarting a Google Adword Campaign (so he can sleep or go on holiday). He depends 100% on my input to run his business and he’s doing really well.

I’m also doing a marine mechanic’s Adword campaign (a small one for $300 for 14 days) and I’m doing Adwords for a Melbourne-based plumber.

Click the links below to see prices:

Google Adword Plans
These work very well for trade specialists.

Interviews & Article Writing
My hardcore SEO fanbase gets me to interview specialists and write articles for their sites (increasing site traffic by at least a factor of 2 in most cases). I’ve talked to you about this.

Articles are written for specific areas in an industry (e.g. if you wish to move into a new business niche such as “Building Granny Flats” or “Living Room Extensions”). Identifying what you do, and having an article (with an audio interview on the subject) is a good medium-term way to nudge your business in the right direction.

The term for this is Content Marketing and it’s been all the rage now for a couple of years.

Here’s an Example Interview:
Building a home to suit your lifestyle
(these guys get me to interview their clients [for $250 each month for 1yr])

In combination with a short Adwords campaign, you could grab say, a lot of “Granny Flat” work here in Freo.

Let’s Chat

We can meet up if you wanna talk deeper or strategise about any of these things . . . I just singled you out because your site is generating good leads each month and thought you might want to mix things up a bit. Move into a new / favourite area of carpentry or building.

Anyway – that there is my soft sell.

As you were . . . . :)

Email ends…

I hope you also got something out of reading this.

Comment below if I changed your life in some way ;)