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A list of interesting highlights

This page is designed to give you some insight into the daily life of a website development business. Every single job (small or large) expands and challenges us in new and interesting ways.

Enjoy this cherry-picked list to appreciate the time and effort spent sitting at a computer and going on regular weight-loss diets.

The list includes; links to website work done, relevant service description and a link to today’s prices . . .

Development Work / Advertising – November 2018

New websites, print work, website maintenance & general content updates.
Client Description Service Page/s
Emerge Contracting (WA) Logo, Business Card, Tri-fold Flyer Print work
Ahrens Marine (WA) Site build, SEO, Content Updates | Websites | SEO
Emerge Contracting (WA) Site Rebuild, SEO, Content Updates | Websites | SEO
Country Solar (NT) Site Rebuild, SEO, Content Updates | Websites | SEO
Safehouse Locksmiths (WA) Adwords Campaign Google Ads
GIS-pax (WA) Layout changes homepage, SEO, updates (example) Content Updates | Google Ads

Website Development Work – October 2018

New websites, maintenance & general updates.
Client Service Service Page/s
Safehouse Locksmiths (WA) Adwords Campaign Google Adwords Campaign
Country Solar (NT) Site Rebuild, SEO, Content Strategy Updates | Websites | SEO
Salt & Company (WA) Adwords Campaign Google Adwords Campaign
Space of Grace (NSW) New Website, Tech Support Maintenance | Websites
Aztec Building (ACT) SEO Strategy & Maintenance Maintenance | SEO
GIS-pax (WA) Content layout, SEO, updates (example) Content Updates | SEO

Website Development Work – September 2018

New websites, maintenance & general updates.
Client Service Service Page/s
Sydney International Wine Comp (NSW) Database Functionality, Design, Maintenance Updates | Websites
Upkeep Plumbing (VIC) New Articles, Maintenance Content | SEO
Safehouse Locksmiths (WA) Adwords Campaign Google Adwords Campaign

Website Development Work – July 2018

New websites, maintenance & general updates.
Client Service Service Page/s
Aztec Building (ACT) Content, SEO Strategy & Maintenance Maintenance | Content | SEO
Financial Mappers (QLD) Update Website, SEO & Security Maintenance | SEO
Solar Marketing Campaign (NT) Developed Online Marketing Plan Content | SEO | Adwords
Highlife homes (NSW) Google Analytics | Google Search | SSL Updates | Maintenance
Red Earth Hotel (Vinta, NSW) Minor Updates | Maintenance Updates
Instatickets (NZ/Aus/S.Afr) Updates & new site planning Updates | Websites
Climate Roof Restorations (WA) Marketing | SEO Google Adwords | Basic SEO
Emerge Contracting (WA builder) Website Design & Build Stage 1 Website Prices
Sydney International Wine Comp (NSW) Payment Gateway, SSL, PayPal Updates
Ahren’s Marine (WA/Singapore) New website build Stage 1 Websites
ACOLA (VIC Research) Competitor Analysis & Rebuild Consult | Websites | Updates

Website Development Work – June 2018

New websites, maintenance & PPC Google Ads.
Client Service Service Page/s
Instatickets (NZ/Aus/S.Afr) Adwords, Websites, Strategy Updates | Websites | Adwords
Upkeep Plumbing Adding new content (SEO) Adhoc Updates | Content Marketing
Emerge Contracting (builder) Website build & upgrade Consult | Websites
Sydney International Wine Comp Website build & consult Consult | Websites
Ahren’s Marine New website Websites
Itomic Web Design & Development Melbourne Meet & Strategic Partnership Consult | Marketing | SEO
ACOLA Academic Think-tank Melbourne Meet & Stage 2 website Consult | Websites | Content

Website Development Work – May 2018

New websites, maintenance & PPC Google Ads.
Client Service Service Page/s
Element Urban Landscapes SEO Detailed SEO
Climate Roof Restorations Marketing Consult | General Marketing
Ahrens Marine New website Consult | Websites
GIS-PAX Geo Engineering Software New website Consult | Adhoc Updates
Meeting Masters New website Consult | Websites

Website Development Work – April 2018

Lots of new websites, clients, SEO & PPC Google Ads.
Client Service Service Page/s
Vinta Property Group (SYD) Newsletter integration Isa Hotel / Red Earth Hotel Updates | Site Maintenance
Instatickets (NZ / Aus / S.Afr) Adwords, Websites, Strategy Updates | Websites | Adwords
Geoffrey (this site) Article About Click Fraud Updates | Content
Indonesian Holiday Specialist Website Dev & Marketing Strategy Websites | Content
Salt & Company Corporate Cooking Classes page General SEO
ACOLA (VIC & NSW) Website & Consultation Website Prices & Plans
Nutrition Society Australia (NSW) Website & Consultation Website Prices & Plans
Swansea Marine (WA) PPC Advertising Adwords PPC campaign
TW Creative Site SEO fix General SEO

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Marine Layup Services

July 2016

isa hotel website
Isa Hotel Queensland website design & development (click to enlarge)

June 2016

Out and About Camper Hire website thumbnail
Out and About Camper Hire website design, SEO and content marketing (click to enlarge)

May 2016

April 2016

yindjibarndi aboriginal community new portal
Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Community news portal (click to enlarge)
  • Chalk Build (builder)
    • SEO investigation / site & traffic analysis
  • Solar Bike
    • Adwords campaign management
    • Site tweaks and updates
    • Migration from servers
  • SIPs Industries (insulated panels)
    • SEO investigation
    • Content rewrites (Tim)
  • Wesley Private College (SEO work)
  • Able Futures (disability services)
    • Security & anti-spam updates
    • Database clean and purge
    • Major site backup
  • Go and See Amanda (property investment)
    • Security & anti-spam updates
    • Database clean and purge
    • Added Articles page (for mp3 interviews)
  • Salt & Company
    • SEO Work on individual pages
  • Yindjibarndi Website
    • Maintenance (change of board / direction)
  • Electric Pictures
    • General Maintenance
    • Button colour changes
    • Ecommerce updates
  • Brainbox Psychology
    • New site development

March 2016

petrochemlink website mockup
Petrochemlink website JPG file mock-up with ebook mock-up (click to enlarge)
  • Winasolar Website
    • Terminate website (competition over)
  • Filmbites Website
    • Removed website as competition is now over
    • Security tweaks
    • Added and tested new forms
    • Upgraded gallery
    • Minor SEO tweaks
    • General site update
  • Wesley College
    • SEO Work
    • Custom SEO reports
  • Aboriginal Productions WA
  • Salt & Company
  • Geoffrey Multimedia SEO Services
  • Out & About Camper Trailer Hire

History of Geoffrey Multimedia

2014 highlights

Built a Job Submission Board for the South-West region of Western Australia. People can register their interest for jobs in a region, submit and apply for jobs online. Plus also built a series of eCommerce websites.

Did some lecturing work at Curtin University and continued consultation work in the mining and other business sectors. Also visited London & Paris. Briliant fun.

2013 highlights

Building a cross-cultural interactive documentary website for Chinese & Western Australian media students with a focus on environmental issues in both countries. A partnership between Curtin University and Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. Plus built the Aboriginal Productions & Events website

2011 – 2012

Left teaching all together in 2011 to pursue full time web development and learn more about programming, CSS, best practice in web design and white hat (legitimate) SEO marketing. Took on a slew of new clients. My cutting edge, cut-price online education was proudly brought to you by and

Built tens of user-friendly web sites that work and get found for clients Australia-wide and (more recently) internationally.


Moonlighted as university lecturer : taught writing, journalism, acting, directing, screenwriting, web design, online marketing and film and sound production. Taught undergraduate and post-grad students at ECU and Curtin University and still sometimes guest lecture UWA and corporate events. Will continue guest lecturing at Curtin Uni (the next generation needs me).


Desiring income, I designed and built early government web sites including the Conservation Commission WA, Forest Products Commission WA and Education Department websites. Started Geoffrey Multimedia as a class project at TAFE. Graduated with a Diploma with Iinet’s Best Web Design award. Built my first website before graduating in 1998 (and it’s still online – old HTML code and all).


Graduated with Degree in Communication (before the web). Was a freelance film and TV Director / writer (read more about my filmmaking background and international awards on LinkedIn). Many awards, not much income.


One year of a Business Computing Degree followed by a Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies.

Geoffrey Multimedia, a multimedia company with a man’s name

A lot of people call me Geoffrey. I didn’t want to call myself “Edwin Multimedia” so I created a character called “Geoffrey Multimedia” (yes, multimedia is his surname). Here’s more background if you read this far.

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