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Geoffrey Multimedia’s Payment Terms

Terms & Conditions

For all work completed from 1st January 2021

  1. Early Payment
    (within 48hrs of receiving invoice) attracts a 5% discount.
    1. Does not apply to maintenance invoices.
    2. Does not apply to websites being built on a payment plan.
    3. Does not apply to already-discounted invoices.
  2. Late Payment.
    Please try to pay on time.
    Failure to pay by due date will result in;

    1. Immediate cessation of all services.
    2. Website will go into maintenance mode (until all outstanding payments are made).
    3. Discounts are void for invoices more than 2 weeks overdue.
    4. Late payers are invoiced in advance for future work.
  3. Payments over $2,000
    Most website build payments are usually paid in 3 instalments (unless agreed otherwise).

    1. 40% up front
    2. 30% on draft completion
    3. 30% after 1st changes are made
  4. Payments over $10,000
    broken into monthly instalments with a 25% deposit (unless agreed otherwise).
  5. Payments over $50,000
    paid in instalments (frequency and amount agreed in advance).
  6. Final payment
    falls due 14 days after 1st draft changes are completed.
    1. Additional Revisions (beyond 1st draft + changes) will be charged at a price agreed in advance.
    2. Revision notes must be in writing and sent via email (email/text/PDF/Word format is fine).
  7. Maintenance Fees.
    All mainteannce fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable.
  8. Deadlines
    must be clearly stated in writing.
  9. Work Requests.
    All work performed will be in response to a written email or job list.
    1. Email is our preferred method of communication.
    2. All work requests must be in writing (attached PDF/Word docs are fine).
    3. Job lists can be shared or sent via Google Spreadsheets.
    4. Bullet-point lists in Word are fine (we grey-out tasks completed and return the document with detailed notes).
    5. We require a paper trail for both trouble-shooting jobs and auditing work requests.
    6. We respond to all emails within 48hrs (except on weekends or public holidays).


  1. General Website Maintenance Does Not Cover;
    1. Installation and support for third-party software (i.e. not supplied by us) is not covered by website maintenance.
    2. 3rd Party Theme support (e.g. if you are building your own site) is not covered by website maintenance.
    3. HTML/CSS/Programming is not not covered by website maintenance.
    4. Email Set-up for 3rd party systems (e.g. MS/iOS/Mail/Smartphone set-up) is not covered by website maintenance.
    5. I.T. support is not not covered by website maintenance.
  2. FTP Access. To Manage your site we need FTP & Admin-level access to your website’s back-end.
  3. Google Access. To Manage your site please share your data with objectman[at]
  4. We are not responsible for issues arising from (or as an indirect result of);
    1. Client misdaventure (e.g. connectivity issues)
    2. 3rd party misadventure (e.g. SEO, DNS, SSL, Email issues).
  5. We are not qualified to help you with; PC, Antivirus or general computer issues.
  6. Zero Tolerance Policy.
    Threats, physical violence or verbal abuse will result in all your files being zipped up and forwarded to you. We run a peaceful operation here. We aim to exceed your expectations with all our work and generally like to keep relations professional.

Additional Costs

  1. Stock images (beyond what is used for draft and 1st revision work) must be royalty-cleared and sent as an attachment (usually via email).
  2. We do not pay for, or offer support for;
    1. 3rd party or premium (paid-for) software.
    2. SSL Certificates
    3. Premium WordPress Plug-ins


  1. SSL Certificates
    Your SSL Certificate provider will usually help set up SSL (https://) on your website.
  2. Premium Plugins
    3rd party plug-in or extension developer will help trouble-shoot software running on your website.
  3. Is your website down for just you or everybody?
    Check here:
  4. If you can’t access a particular website
    If the link above says your site is HTTP 200 OK (live) but you still can’t see it, try these steps:

Other Considerations

  1. We are happy to share folders and files via cloud-based services such as; Google Drive, Dropbox or Onedrive.

* If you are not using cloud-based email, we can provide you with server (POP mail) settings. How you set up, send and receive emails is up to you. Setting up of MS Exchange, MS Outlook, MS Mail, Gmail, Gsuite, Firefox Thunderbird, Eudora or apps for the myriad of smart phones and devices is not our business.

While we can’t help with your PC issues, we can recommend or refer you to I.T. & Computer Support people we work with. We use DV Computers Myaree for all PC upgrades, device and tricky firmware updates.