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Ongoing Monthly SEO

Monthly SEO Prices

Catch up with your competitors. Then overtake them.

Stop spending money on Google Ads and increase traffic organically.

  • for 3 months
  • Check links in/out
  • Special tags
  • Analytics & Search Console
  • SPF records
  • Server tweaks
  • Tech tweaks
  • 3x page rewrite
  • 1 cornerstone article


  • for 6 months
  • Check links in/out
  • Special tags
  • Analytics & Search Console
  • SPF records
  • Server tweaks
  • Tech tweaks
  • 5x page rewrite
  • 2 articles
  • 5% off maintenance*


  • for 24 months
  • Check links in/out
  • Special tags
  • Analytics & Search Console
  • SPF records
  • Server tweaks
  • Tech tweaks
  • 15x page rewrites
  • 6 articles
  • 30% off maintenance*


* non-ecommerce websites only


What is SEO?

Let Geoffrey increase your website traffic with SEO while you work on your business.

Additional notes about Monthly SEO prices above . . .

  • Website health must be ok (most websites aren’t)
    • If your website is in poor health (because it is running old software, is phishing has poor SSL installation or malware and is generally not maintained) you probably have more pressing issues than SEO. We offer a fully comprehensive website maintenance service
  • Every website has different requirements. A custom plan is tailored to your issues
  • Every month you will receive a report on what has been done
  • Page rewrites are for people an conversion first, SEO second
  • An overall SEO plan will be given to you for approval/modification
  • Watch your ranking and organic traffic grow immediately
  • Professionally written cornerstone article = 1500 words
  • Bonus visual tweaks to help improve conversion

All of these plans will increase website traffic over time. Obviously the 2yr plan is best value, but even a 3 month plan will get your site seen. Do nothing and your organic rank will fall.


Pay monthly and watch your website traffic grow

Set and forget for 3 month, 6 month, 1 year or 2year commitment to your site’s SEO.
Our SEO prices are better value than any of our competitors.

Build your your business knowing your site is moving forward and climbing the ranks.


SEO Items We Fix

In short, every site is different. Some of the items below may not need work. We use a slew of SEO and AI software to give us detailed reports about your site and we make fixes manually (sometimes it means calling your server).

General Site SEO

This list is a bit technical. SEO items are numbered in case you need more information about a particular topic.

  1. Meta Titles
  2. Meta Descriptions
  3. Google Search Results Preview
  4. Keywords Overview
  5. Successful Keyword Ranking
  6. Competitor Analysis (weak spots)
  7. Page Titles
  8. Page Headings
  9. Robots.txt Tweak
  10. Sitemap Tweak and submit
  11. Broken Links Test
  12. Remove Poor Backlinks (possibly added by competitor)
  13. SEO Friendly URLs
  14. Image Titles and Labels
  15. CSS & HTML Compression (for speed)
  16. Deprecated HTML Removal
  17. Google Analytics
  18. Favicon
  19. Severe JavaScript errors
  20. Social Media
  21. Website Speed Optimisation
  22. Minimise http requests (where possible)
  23. Flash Script Test (Flash is difficult for crawlers to interpret)
  24. Server Side Caching
  25. CDN Usage Test
  26. Image Caching Test
  27. JavaScript Caching
  28. CSS Caching
  29. JavaScript Minification
  30. CSS Minification
  31. Nested Tables Test
  32. Frameset Test (widgets use these but it can slow a site down)
  33. Doctype Test
  34. URL Redirects Test

Image SEO

This alone can increase traffic.

  1. Optimising
  2. Re-naming
  3. Tags

Server & Security SEO

  1. URL Canonicalization Test
  2. HTTPS Test
  3. Safe Browsing (Malware or Phishing )
  4. Server Signature
  5. Directory Browsing
  6. Email Obfuscation


  1. Media Query Check
  2. Mobile Snapshot

Advanced SEO

  1. Structured Data
  2. Custom 404 Error Pages
  3. Noindex Tags
  4. Nofollow Tags
  5. Canonical Tags
  6. Optimise Robots.txt
  7. Tweak SPF Records (anti-phishing)


SEO prices include discounts on (non-ecommerce) maintenance plans.

  • 6mo (5% off maintenance)
  • 1yr (15% off maintenance)
  • 2yr (30% off maintenance)

> Commitments over 6 months are eligible
> Non-ecommerce plans only

Reluctant to commit?

Try a one-off SEO Makeover. We do the most important tweaks first.

monthly seo or one time seo

Site not maintained?

Increase your overall site health with one of our yearly website maintenance plans. Coupled with monthly SEO – that’s possibly the best birthday present any website could hope for. It might just be the best value in Australia. Try us.

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