In the early years of the Internet, people used dial-up connections over regular phone lines. This made showing multimedia difficult and very slow.

Most of the content was text based because graphics and videos took forever to load. A dial-up connection may take minutes to display a low resolution photograph and hours to load a video.

With broadband, things have vastly changed.

Here’s an example of a page on this site that shows a multimedia presentation I did in the Swan Valley. You get to hear my “lecturing” voice.

Mistakes in Modern Web Design

[pullquote style=”left”]Just because something can be done does not necessarily mean it should be done.[/pullquote]

Videos and graphics load fast now due to high-speed Internet connections being the rule rather than the exception. However, consumers are weary of going to websites crammed full of popups, popovers and videos. The people who are spending their money to buy products, services and content over the Internet are frustrated with clutter, fluff and other time wasting bells and whistles on websites.

[pullquote style=”right”]The best multimedia web design experts know the value of space.[/pullquote]

Websites that generate revenue based on ads that pop up are different than websites designed for the purpose of providing real content to consumers (for example, an informative site like this one). For companies wanting a higher market share, less can be more, especially when it comes to the landing page of a website. Some website pages are so cluttered that the information is actually loaded from hundreds of different sources. This increases the likelihood of errors in presenting the information to the person viewing the site and so must be done in moderation.

Most people find the webpages they are searching for through a query entered in a search engine (more about search engine optimization here). Practically every Internet user is now connecting over a high-speed connection, and now they are more impatient than ever. They will not wait for pages to load. It’s easier to go back and click on the next link in the search results. Companies that do not have a website design that optimizes typical search terms a consumer will use to find them will suffer a loss of revenue. This will also happen if the site does not load quickly.

When there are 6,000,000 websites to choose from, you’d better have one worth visiting in the first place.

Web Design and Modern Display Capabilities

High-resolution and high speed access have now combined to present an issue in multimedia web design that is being addressed by savvy site owners everywhere. The old backgrounds, images, buttons and other graphics all need to be revamped to take advantage of the capabilities of the new generation of computer displays.

Tablets with resolution that looks so real that objects on the screen appear as if they can be touched mean larger file sizes. Websites that do not take advantage of this new approach to web development appear comparatively boring and drab. It might even be necessary to redesign or upgrade your website every year or so just in an effort to keep up with modern display practice and new screen resolutions.

The goal is to have fast load times on devices with processors that vary in capability and connections that vary in speed. A good designer knows what needs to be done to make a website fast and user friendly as well as how to make it pop with irresistible visual appeal that takes full advantage of today’s high-resolution graphic displays.

When choosing a designer to layout a new website or to refurbish an old one, choose an expert who is part master of the technology and part artist. The artist makes it all look good, and the expert technician makes sure consumers see the website in all its intended glory. That’s Geoffrey Multimedia.