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Adwords can result in high click costs and low conversion rates for new PPC players. Because of this, we increase the quality of ads for the best performing keyphrases by tweaking ad landing pages. This results in a better match, cheaper bid price and a higher conversion rate. Eliminate wasteful spending by driving higher quality traffic to your site with one of our Adwords PPC campaigns.

Your Budget Management Fee
Up to $499 20%
$500 – $1,000 18%
$1,000 – $1,999 15%
$2,000 – $2,999 12%
$3,000 + 10%
  • No set-up fees
  • Payments must be made in advance.
  • Hybrid Ad Landing Pages (existing site page tweaked to match ads) @$50ea
  • Ad-tailored Lead Generating landing pages @$350ea (incl form, phone no., copy etc.)
  • Google Adwords Reports sent on request


How Many Clicks Do I Get?

The actual number of in-bound clicks is determined by your competition, but around $2 per click is a good ballpark for most industries. You need to understand that any PPC campaign’s success is not determined by the number of clicks but by the cleverness (and conversion rate) of the page your ad lands on. How easily do readers convert into buyers?

PPC Landing Pages

Once someone clicks your ad, they arrive at the landing page. Technically, any web page is a landing page, but in PPC, the landing page refers to the page the ad lands on. A better word for landing page is lead-generation page. If your page is unattractive or boring or irrelevant, users are likely to go back to searching. Also if they can’t fill in a form or call your phone number right off the bat – Poof! There goes your $2 lead!

Paying for pay-per-click is a lot like playing penny-falls at the fair. Your success is all down to conversion. Does each “click” convert into a lead or a purchase?

Conversion rates of around 2% are the norm. The aim is to get the conversion rate higher with each click and most of that has to do with the quality of your landing page.

This is what a great landing page should look like:

What comes with Plans

  • Daily manual management
    1. Landing Page adjustments to match ads
    2. Keyword / Keyphrase research
    3. Ad extension tweaks
    4. Some SEO tweaks
  • Ad writing
  • Monthly reports
  • Recommendations
  • Stop anytime

When to run a Google Adwords Campaign

  • You need the phone to ring pronto
  • You need more work and leads
  • You have a seasonal special to promote
  • You need slow background advertising during busy months

Get us to set it up for you and you take it from there.

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