We spoke with Eran from More Customers 24/7 because he knows more than we do about marketing.

A lot of clients spend money on Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising (e.g. Google Adwords or Bing Ads) but there are many other ways to get noticed out there. A subtler kind of marketing – one that always works – is called Content Marketing (click here for our content marketing services). It’s a more recent internet buzzword.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads are a really great way to promote content on your website. If you have a website, you should really be creating content on a regular basis. While you are waiting for your SEO to kick in (which could be anywhere between immediately and several months later) you can promote your content using Facebook Ads. You can push content out to the exact kind of audience you want to talk to. If potential clients are engaging with your content, posting comments or asking questions. You can also use Facebook Ads as a low-level gauge of how your content is working. So if you are getting a lot of impressions but not many likes, it could be a sign that people may not be interested in what you have to offer.

Do I advertise or do I promote content?

You can run ads in a traditional way. Promoting a “buy one meal, get another at half price” is an example of a traditional ad on Facebook. While “Making Facebook Ads work for you” might link back to this blog post / article and podcast. “The top 10 reasons why people selling their homes don’t get as much money for it as they’d like to” is a blog post Eran was recently promoting using Facebook Ads. The aim is to get people to click on the ad (even though it’s not selling something traditionally) and become interested in the company who wrote the article. .

Google Adwords and PPC

Adwords can become really expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. It pays to hire someone like Ethan or myself to nurture good campaigns.

Click fraud and Google Adwords

People are suspicious of it because sometimes competitors will click on an ad. While Google does a lot to prevent click-fraud, you can often see the same people clicking on your ad daily. Google’s official response to questions about ad fraud is that they will only charge you for the clicks comping from the same computer once in several days. So while your competitor might be trying to spend your daily limit (thereby allowing their own ads to rise to the top position) you may not be getting charged. A lot of this is based on trust and there are plenty of examples of click-fraud where Google is charging for each click. The issue revolves around trust (read our article about trust and how it affects your website). Ultimately, do you trust Google not to charge you when competitors click on your ad?

The issue is just as much a concern when it comes to Facebook and other online advertising.

Adwords users are different to Facebook users

Adwords can become very expensive if you don’t quite know what you are doing, but if you compare Adwords to Facebook, Google Adwords is most likely to net you a sale. It’s because of the different ways that people are using those platforms. Usually, people on Facebook are there to have fun and browse content. It’s “curiosity driven”. People are not usually there to find a bargain. But people who knowingly click an ad on a Google Search Result Page (SERP) are likely looking to buy. Their wallet – so to speak – is already on the table. They are more open to becoming a lead (as in “lead” to a sale).

A guide is that if someone is ready to buy something 50% – 60% of all clicks will be on the ads. This is how Google makes $1m every day.

Understanding the difference between users could be the difference between success and failure on both platforms.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is like playing the long game. It’s also more useful for people like real estate salespeople. Nobody is going to buy a house on Facebook – so in that case, marketing your content is a very good way to get your message (and your brand) out there.

The Last Word Goes to Eran

THREE Facebook Ad Strategies

Eran produces his own very informative videos. This one is particularly relevant.


Our services are mostly complementary and we’ve kind of teamed up because we discovered – by chance – that we walk the same talk. I’m pretty sure we’ll be testing each others’ “products” before too long. But say tuned, or visit Eran, any time, at More Customers 24/7.

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