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Our Content Marketing Plans get you found, add value to your website and promote trust in your business. Give people something to link to.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a website last updated in 2014. Or one without a date on it. Or a site with cheap content written by writers obviously in another country!

Content Marketing Plans

We all know that adding useful and timely content to your website increases readership, relevance and authority. But who has the time to write?

Being an authority in your field is something we all aspire to. People judge your business by your website. Having a bad or outdated website will do more harm than good. The perception of your business online is your brand.

There’s a solution to outdated or out of touch websites. Google rewards in-depth (longer) articles by ranking them high in organic search. Consistently. But don’t listen to us.

Articles, Interviews & On-page SEO

# Audio Interview +
Article with SEO
Article with SEO
Article Only
6 x $1,895 ($316/mo) $1,499 $999
12 x $2,995* ($250/mo) $2,499 $1,980
24 x $5,880 ($245/mo) $5,100 $3,850

* Best Value. Billed monthly. Your website, up-to-date for a whole year.

Content Marketing is the slow food revolution of internet marketing.

I hate sites with obfuscated prices, so here’s the bottom-line . . . We can keep your site relevant, socially-marketed and fully up-to-date the whole year round for less than $3,000pa (which is hat some people pay monthly). It’s nowhere near as expensive as Google Adwords (where my job is to get your phone ringing ASAP)!! Content Marketing works over time, ensuring that your site is slowly filled with link-worthy articles for others (in-bound links are huge for SEO). Rise to the top. Be seen as a leader in your field.

Most of our clients’ traffic doubles in about 3 months and all clients on our plans report increased sales and brand-awareness.

Word count vs inbound links analysis of 2,500+ word articles. “Word-count Vs. In-bound Links”

Healthy Websites are Visited Websites

From as little as $245 per month we will;

  1. Identify under-performing areas of your site.
  2. Fix underlying code preventing your site from being found (click here for General SEO without new content).
  3. Record radio-quality interviews with experts and guests on your site.
  4. Write long, targeted articles based on transcriptions of the interview.
  5. Rewrite the article using software to check for best-chance on-page SEO.
  6. Add relevant images / video / audio and other media files.
  7. Add a “Call to Action” button (or Lead Generation form) to the page.
  8. Share the article across social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.)

Most website owners add poorly written or just a few words of content to their website. This only exasperates Google who is looking to reward properly-written, in-depth content useful for people searching within your industry. A few words or one picture do nothing to help your search ranking or engage readers. Search engines are nearly completely blind, but they devour the written word. Even one long article with an interview could double the likelihood of your site getting found (for that subject) and linked-to by industry peers.

Content Marketing is the best and most honest way to add value, relevance and visibility to any website.

Movies & Videos

Movies can show a product or break down a process with explanation. It’s another way to make your website “sticky.” Add videos regularly to your site – even if you borrow them from Youtube. Combined with a Content Marketing plan, you will climb the ranks and never have to worry about poor website performance.

4-5 Minute Movie Info. $
1 x 8hr shoot, gfx, editing, music $1,995
3 x 2-3 day shoot $4,995
6 x (e.g. bi-monthly) 4-6 days $9,995

Allow 3-4 weeks for shoot to first draft.
Billed monthly.

I can add content myself, right?

Of course you can . . . But will you?

I know this because I have built over 500 websites and only 2 or 3 of those sites enjoyed regular, in-house updates. Needless to say, traffic on regularly updated sites (updated sometimes twice daily) surpassed all other sites by a factor of ten.

I’ll do it, I promise. How Often Should I Add Content?

With 1 billion websites competing for attention (there were half a billion in 2012 adding content is the best way to increased traffic and sales. If you have a new (unproven) domain name, it’s actually the only way to snaffle your more established competitor’s traffic.

Updating your website daily is best. Once a week is probably a more reasonable ask. Fortnightly is good. Monthly articles will give you a traffic boost, but they have to be lengthy (1,500 words or more) to make a real difference.

The more regularly you write, the sooner Google will push you up in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

You can do this yourself (honestly, it rarely happens) or you can get us to do it for you. $2,995 per annum ensures that your website is not only more visible in search, but is always up to date.

Content Marketing works over time

Having a Content Marketing plan is like hiring an on-staff journalist plus an SEO expert to look after your website while you concentrate on the daily running of your business.

Your Home Page

Unless it’s really really long and explores an issue in-depth, your home page is unlikely to be the most popular page on your website.

Google treats individual website pages equally, so to Google, your “home page” is just another page on the web. Good writing around a specific industry topic will not only be more engaging for readers, but it will attract people searching for that particular topic on Google. Your site (overall) will be more popular, but it will be because of lengthy articles. Better quality pages increase the chance of being found.

An introduction to Content Marketing (by Google & Buzzfeed)

What kind of content should I add to my site?

Answer: Useful content written for your human readers (not search engines)

content marketing gotchas
Things to consider when writing content

Most website content is vain. We this, our company that. Web pages are often written are about products, services or company prowess. I’m sorry but nobody cares.

Very little attention is given to the person visiting your site. They are so thoroughly bored of reading salesy content and adverteeze that you might as well just stick a Buy This button on the page and hope for the best.

We recommend writing articles and creating content which is of value to your customers. Articles that add value to your industry and visitor experience. If you are offering car mechanic services, write an article about how to change a tyre, or how to tune a motor.

We wrote a whole bunch of articles for one solar company. The company went from a $300,000 turnover to $10m in just 18 months.

Here’s an example of article ideas that your readers are likely to share on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Weekly cooking tips and recipes
  • Industry trends and your take on a new technology
  • DIY advice on how to fulfill a service or fix a product
  • Comical stories about a new product that entertains the reader
  • Non-salesy video about your product or service in action
  • A top ten list about competitor products in our industry

The more specific your article is, the more chance you will get found. Not only that, but you are likely to attract very specific audience groups who will warm to any offers on your page. There’s no need to be heavy-handed, just mention your product in a subtle way and not too often. That’s the subtlety of content marketing. Don’t sell. Inform.

The person reading your article might be interested in your product, but what they really want is a solution to their problem. If you can address that issue (i.e. from your customer’s perspective) your website and product / service will sell itself.

Further reading

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The bottom line is this . . .

You are competing with 1 billion websites . . . you need good content

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