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Edwin wrote his first (Harrier Jump Jet) text adventure computer program in 1982 during the Falklands War. He now builds websites using best practice, future-proof web development, Ad marketing & SEO. He at Curtin Uni and OUA where in 2007 he was voted 5th best lecturer (out of 2,500) over all disciplines taught in Australia. He loves sharing what he knows with Australian businesses.

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the perfect website
website maintenance is like getting under the bonnet of your car and finding a bunch of things that need fixing

Website maintenance can be done in-house or you can get us to do it. Keeping your site secure, hack-proof and always up to date means fewer surprises further down the track. Read more

what to do with an old computer
do you reall need a website ?
usability and the user experience (ux)
girl on multimedia computer

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