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Big Tip: Keep your web site relevant

Frequent updating is the single most important thing you can do to maintain your site and help it get found in a Google search. News items, newsletters, videos, events or a Business BLOG need to be kept relevant. A lot of people don’t update their web site. Because I send all my clients weekly Web Audience statistics (in PDF form), it’s clear that maintaining your site regularly reflects on search rank position. Search aside, an out of date site more often than not means an out of date business.

Having a successful website is similar to running a second business. You need to update, maintain and invest time in your website. Spending just one hour per week should be enough to see a steady rise in search engine result position because most people don’t update.

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Award-winning CMS

All clients can add news items, images, update site pages and add documents to their website without having to call Geoffrey Multimedia. Clients get us to do minor graphical updates over the life of their website (usually about 2-3yrs). Having said that, clients are free to use the services of any professional web developer who designs web sites to current international standards. Modern standards means that the web sites I create will work in 95% of all browsers (including on the iPad). My code can be read by professional website developers.

Browser and Platform Compatibility

One client told me that her web company didn’t develop websites for Firefox 2.0 or IE7+ browsers. If I don’t code for at least the last 3 browsers (on any platform) I’d be out of business. Make sure your site works and looks good on the latest 3 versions of all modern browsers (that equates to about 95% of all browsers) eg. IE7+,FF2+,Chrome, Safari and iOS mobile devices. Flash will not work on Apple devices. So watch out for invisible slideshows or navigation menus. I use use JavaScript sliders for this reason.

Search Engine Optimized from the ground up

All my web sites are Search Engine Optimized as tehya re built and my clients rank very high in search. Most are on page one for their industry. Beware of companies that promise #1 Ranking. Nobody can promise that unless you are willing to hire a full time SEO expert.


I use the latest, leanest code which ensures web sites load quickly. If I am using a CMS platform such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress, I will need to perform a bit of maintenance throughout the year to make suer your website stays up to the minute up to date.

No contracts

Because I lay no claim to your server or the design of your web site, your in-house webmaster or content administrator can take over once I have built your site. Having said that, I’m always here if you need me and 90% of my clients refer me on or give me maintenance or upgrade jobs to do throughout the year.

Content Management Systems

I employ open-source Content Management Systems which allow you to add, delete or edit ;

  • pages
  • news items
  • articles
  • events
  • uploaded documents
  • images

There is no additional fee or license to use these systems.

E-commerce websites

I can implement real time E-commerce web sites or cheaper alternatives such as Paypal BUY NOW buttons and shopping carts

In Conclusion

[pullquote style=”left”]Start small, monitor your statistics and then add to your site as it becomes more successful.[/pullquote]
And because I’ve taught the next generation of Australian web designers (I taught over 1000 University students last year alone) I’m fully informed about the latest web trends and standards. This means that I can implement new web technology on your website as soon as it becomes available.

Don’t get too excited as new things tend to age quickly on the web. Remember 3D text?

Additional Website Services

  • class booking systems
  • quotations systems
  • photo galleries
  • event scheduler
  • shopping carts
  • online quotation systems
  • FAQ and Testimonials

Geoffrey Multimedia can pretty much build anything you’ve seen on the web.

content management systems