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2014 highlights

Built a Job Submission Board for the South-West region of Western Australia. People can register their interest for jobs in a region, submit and apply for jobs online. Plus also built a series of eCommerce websites.

Did some lecturing work at Curtin University and continued consultation work in the mining and other business sectors. Also visited London & Paris. Briliant fun.

2013 highlights

Building a cross-cultural interactive documentary website for Chinese & Western Australian media students with a focus on environmental issues in both countries. A partnership between Curtin University and Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. Plus built the Aboriginal Productions & Events website

2011 – 2012

Left teaching all together in 2011 to pursue full time web development and learn more about programming, CSS, best practice in web design and white hat (legitimate) SEO marketing. Took on a slew of new clients. My cutting edge, cut-price online education was proudly brought to you by and

Built tens of user-friendly web sites that work and get found for clients Australia-wide and (more recently) internationally.


Moonlighted as university lecturer : taught writing, journalism, acting, directing, screenwriting, web design, online marketing and film and sound production. Taught undergraduate and post-grad students at ECU and Curtin University and still sometimes guest lecture UWA and corporate events. Will continue guest lecturing at Curtin Uni (the next generation needs me).


Desiring income, I designed and built early government web sites including the Conservation Commission WA, Forest Products Commission WA and Education Department websites. Started Geoffrey Multimedia as a class project at TAFE. Graduated with a Diploma with Iinet’s Best Web Design award. Built my first website before graduating in 1998 (and it’s still online – old HTML code and all).


Graduated with Degree in Communication (before the web). Was a freelance film and TV Director / writer (read more about my filmmaking background and international awards on LinkedIn). Many awards, not much income.


One year of a Business Computing Degree followed by a Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies.

Geoffrey Multimedia, a multimedia company with a man’s name

A lot of people call me Geoffrey. I didn’t want to call myself “Edwin Multimedia” so I created a character called “Geoffrey Multimedia” (yes, multimedia is his surname). Here’s more background if you read this far.