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edwin lynch website developerGeoffrey Multimedia is owned and operated by Edwin James Lynch. We now also engage the services of a team of writers newspaper journalists to help with content marketing, conversion and SEO for websites needing higher-ranking.

Edwin originally cut his teeth in Perth working for Dow Digital, where he painstakingly hand-coded 400+ pages of interconnected legal documents for the Education Department (WA). He went on to develop government websites for the Conservation Commission and the Forest Products Commission. Because of his experience, he was head-hunted by various WA Universities and taught Website Development, Design, Programming, Copywriting, SEO and Marketing.

At Curtin University (WA) Edwin taught over 2,000 web development students per year (2002 – 2012). In 2007, students voted him 5th best tutor / lecturer in Australia (across all disciplines) out of 2,500 tutors Australia-wide (including Open Universities Australia).

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Fewer websites, better service

In an industry beleaguered with poor communication, we prefer one-on-one service, clarity and total business transparency. We sometimes work alongside other web developers and programmers on larger projects and apps. Our sole aim is to provide a complete online solution in a timely manner.

Larger companies take on every client as they need the turnover. If we don’t believe in an idea, we may pass. We don’t want clients spending money on something that isn’t likely to work. Taking on every single client who walks through the door leads to poor service, so we limit our size purposefully.

We have a select group of clients that we can service on a regular basis. We really care about professional web development and believe the common approach to web design and website development is often that of a sausage factory.

In a rush?

In general, allow five to six weeks for smaller website development and up to eight weeks for a larger website to be up and fully functional.

If you are in a hurry, we can set up a lead-generation page connected to a Google Adwords or Facebook advertising campaign while we work on your more functional website.

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