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Small Business Websites

Increase traffic, take on new staff

Our clients grow their businesses online. They take on new staff, increase web traffic, build their brand, attract qualified leads and grow their empire slowly.

Search Engine Optimisation

One-time, SEO Fix-up or Ongoing SEO

Optimise your entire site for under $3.50 per day. Get found by Google with a one-off SEO Makeover or an ongoing Content Marketing plan.

PPC Adverts With Google

Get your phone ringing & sell stuff

With over 1 billion websites, it’s hard to get found. You need to Advertise Your Services online. Google, Youtube and Facebook Ads increase your reach.

Website Maintenance

Does your website need a little TLC?

Is your website up to date all year round? Our client sites are healthy and 100% upgradeable. We manually update and tweak client websites monthly.

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Forms & Conversion

Get the right domain name

Can I trust you or your website?

Website Development & Marketing

“Hi. My name is Edwin. I manage Geoffrey. I’m also a Website Developer and increasingly, an online marketing expert.”

At Geoffrey, we can do anything for your website and online presence. And we do it for a reasonable price. Because we are small, we can beat larger web agencies on price. We have clients all around Australia and we do all work right here in Australia. In some cases, we have halved Online Advertising budgets and brought in twice as many clients. It’s very rare that clients leave. The ones that do leave, always come back. let’s just say that others doen’t tend your garden like we do.

We do websites properly. We refuse to leave you with a beautiful looking website. You need traffic.;

We can build a custom website to your exact specifications. While they are more expensive than theme-based websites, extra time and commitment spent on unique functionality might be worth it. We can write HTML, CSS & Javascript in Notepad++ or employ any of the modern frameworks. We find working in Bootstrap 4, Foundation 6, Bulma (based on flex-box) and others, including some new tiny CSS frameworks sometimes weighing in at less then 5Kb overhead, fun.

Tiny CSS frameworks are great for SEO (increased site speed) and if you don’t need much unique functionality (or eCommerce), we have built small, unique custom sites with budgets between $2,500 (simple) and $70K (lot of unique functionality).

It’s not enough to build your website and leave it. What version of PHP are you running for example? Most websites we take over are running PHP5.4 (released in 2005). A lot happens in 5 years. If you are using WordPress, how old is your parent theme? In one year, the coder can patch a parent theme up to 20 or even 30 times in just one year if there are security holes. How secure is your theme? How far off the upgrade curve are you if you have used a child theme? Extensive child themes can overwrite parent themes, rendering them next to useless.

If you don’t have any idea what the above a paragraph means, and you don’t already have a website maintenance guy working on these things, your website will probably get hacked or may already be getting used as a Phishing platform for spammers.

We update your existing website with freshly written content. Text and images. We can embed Youtube movies on your pages. If you create content yourself, even better – we can upload it to your current website and lay it out so that it looks fantastic. All you need to do is send us your content with attached images and we’ll get it up there. Even if you don’t have a CMS like WordPress.

We know code. We can add pretty much anything to your already existing website. If that’s looking long in the tooth, we can quote on a new one. Most people are surprised by our prices.

If your web agency has done a lot of work to your website, it’s not been in vain. We can recycle pretty much anything and add it to a new website – but with a refreshed and modern design. And at a very reasonable cost.

Old and new customers have already signed up for both our Monthly SEO & Website Maintenance packages. For $154 per month, we slowly fix the underlying code of a website (and server) for best-chance SEO. Traffic increases steadily over the year and in some cases, it has a lready quadrupled (turning a slow and ailing business into a going-concern).

We also fix general site health by removing bad in-bound links, fixing up robots and htaccess file and finally submitting refreshed sites to search engines.

We can slso do solid keyword research so that we can better re-write meta-tags to fit your market and what people are searching for. And that’s just light and inexpensive tweaking.

Edwin taught these skills (and more) at university-level for 20yrs. In 2007, students voted him 5th best lecturer out of 2,500 courses offered Australia-wide. Rather than talk, he now walks the walk, practising website design, development and online marketing for this new age.

Together, we can build your website traffic and attract fully-qualified, ready-to-buy customers. We specialise in increasing conversions and making sales.

Many of our Ad clients take on more staff. Are you ready for that?

edwin lynch website developer

Edwin Lynch, Manager “Geoffrey”
(B.A + Dip Multimedia)

I have a website, but no technical backup.

If a site isn’t updated regularly, it’s a magnet for hackers. Plugins, themes, PHP and other technical tweaks need to be done at least monthly. Our A.I. Assistant alerts us to issues as they arise. Your website stays technically up to date, backed up and protected from hacking.

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