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18 July 2013
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If I build it, will they come?

The short answer is – No. If you build a website it won’t generate masses traffic all by itself. Even if your site is written with SEO in mind (to allow Google to more easily find you) these days it doesn’t guarantee loads of traffic. You can even be penalised by Google for writing with […]

3 July 2013
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SEO for Humans (rewritten)

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation NB: This article has recently been updated because of Google’s algorithm changes. But I agree whole-heartedly with Google’s changes. Too many SEO companies have been taking too much money off people without doing very much for it. Search Engine Optimisation has become something of a misnomer overnight. In 2012 it […]

1 May 2012
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Domain Names

Australian domain names In Australia, if you want a domain name, you have to provide your business registration info and evidence that you have traded or intend to trade. This stops unscrupulous people buying your business name as a domain name and then selling it on to you for a princely sum later on. […]

16 April 2012
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Multimedia web sites

Pictures, Sound & Interactivity On April 17th 2012, Chris Hilder of InPicture Productions and myself (Edwin Lynch) hosted an evening for the Shire of Swan business community. Their talk was about multimedia and how one might use it on a website. This page serves as a demonstration of this principle in practice. You can hear […]

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