Do you need a new website?

If you run a business in 2015, you need a website, but do you need a new website? Here are 4 valid reasons to upgrade.

click here to fill in a questionnaire and get a free website home page mockupIf your existing site has a poor health rating, is non-compliant with mobile devices, is too big and bloated for good SEO, you might need a new website. The following links and tools might help you decide.

Here are some easy questions and answers for you:

1. Is your website mobile-friendly?

If it’s not, you need a new website – unless web traffic is unimportant to your business.

Google openly demoted non-mobile websites in April this year. They’ve all but said they won’t consider listing them in some search results. With more than 50% of web users now surfing via mobile, you will be missing out on organic traffic if your site doesn’t work on smartphones and iPads. Having said that, my very first website built in 1997 looks fine on mobile. But technically speaking, it will not pass the Google mobile compliancy test and so is probably not indexed by Google.

2. Is my site still relevant?

Changing text and adding a few graphics is easy to do but adding new (jquery) functionality to an old website might be hard – and expensive. Other considerations . . .

  • Does your website sit well with like-minded sites in your industry?
  • Is it competing for attention (in a good way)?
  • Has your business moved on since the website was built with different goals and priorities?
  • Is yours the site that was last updated in 2012?

No web developer wants to wade through another dev’s non-standards-compliant HTML, CSS or JavaScript code written 5 years ago. A brand new website is always a cheaper option (Here at Geoffrey, we offer loyal clients a 40% discount on a new website after 2 years – that could mean a brilliant, modern, compliant and whizz-bang website for under $3,000).

3. Has your website been maintained properly?

Maintaining the software at the back-end of your website is very important. Like cars, your website is really a car. Not servicing your car means it will eventually stop – and often without warning. It’s exactly the same with your website.

We offer a great maintenance package for small, medium, large and even huge eCommerce websites.

4. Has your website been hacked?

Yes? New site. Stat. Sorry.

If you visit your website and your virus software starts pinging dramatically, we’re 99.99% certain you need a new (and secure and regularly maintained) website. New sites are much cheaper to implement than resurrecting old, hacked websites – so why do that? We make a point of not touching hacked sites in case fiddling breaks it all together. Once you sort out the issues with your site, you need to get a professional webmaster behind it (that’s what we do daily).

5. Your domain has been blacklisted

This will only happen to a non-maintained website. If Google has marked your existing site as a spam-producing or phishy (trying to steal info from unwitting users and deliver said info back to hacker – including bank passwords or identity info) you may even need a new domain.

6. You need to incorporate new technology

Do you want new functionality? More whiz-bangery? More database jump-through-hoops trickery?

It might be time for an overhaul, but generally speaking, new whiz-bangery can be added to even old websites. If your website is non-responsive, you might have a problem adding the new whistles and bells. Most plug-ins and widgets are designed to work with modern responsive frameworks, so you need to have that sorted at least.

7. Your site is more than 2 years old

Two years is about the longest time your website will look modern. Website design trends change every few months. This is also true for website functionality (e.g. adding a mortgage calculator, an outside temperature gauge) and truer still for security (e.g. adding a virus checker, hiding the admin back door, enforcing long passwords).

Remember flat design? Well, that was popular for about 3 months but by my reckoning, there’ll still be a bunch of websites out there with flat designs in 2-3 years time.

In terms of music, web design is like 80s Acid music versus Rock-n-Roll – some genres simply age better and technology moves in dog years.

[additional material added 14/10/15]

Author: Edwin James Lynch

Edwin wrote his first (Harrier Jumpjet) computer program in 1982. Today he builds websites utilising best practice, future-proof web development, online marketing and SEO. He lectured for 15yrs+ at Curtin University where (in 2007) he was voted 5th best out of 2,500+ university lecturers in Australia.

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