I was just searching for SEO videos on YouTube to explain something to a client and I came across this bunch of funny SEO client cartoons. Some are pretty close to what I experience but thankfully, my clients aren’t quite as silly as these – maybe it’s because I screen my clients carefully ;).

SEO is an interesting industry (*cough* thieves and cowboys *cough*) so I don’t like to call myself an SEO guy. Having said that I’ve been getting quite a bit of work doing on-site (white-hat) SEO on websites.

If you are genuinely interested in the latest developments in SEO, you could read the articles on seomoz.com or searchenginewatch.com or better still, go directly to the horse and check out Google Webmasters.

This list of 116 SEO myths for 2017 will set you straight. Many people still hold such myths dear to their hearts.

Once you have read those (or opened them in another tab for later) get yourself a packet of Twisties and come back here to enjoy these SEO themed cartoons.

I would like to buy a custom site for $600

You get what you pay for.

A custom-built site not using an existing theme or theme framework will cost a lot more than just $600. I do basic sites like this one for around $1500. Some smaller sites rank quite well due to the smaller code-base.

New website client

A lot of hyperbole has been used in this video, but some of it is very familiar.

I want to be #1 on Google

Promising pole position in a Google search results page (SERP) is not realistic. If you want to rank #1 on the highly competitive search term “perth gardens” – you better get your wallet out. When your larger competitors are spending thousands per month on SEO and you have a budget of $1,000, the best that can be done is have your site’s basic SEO items in place and think about building and adding quality content to your site.

I have one client who is continually number one on Google and isn’t even aware of the term SEO. He literally doesn’t need my tweaking because he is writing quality content for his site almost daily.

If you want the best chance of rising up the ranks, you need to add content to your site regularly. Luckily we know how to do this. It’s why other agencies employ me (Edwin) behind the scenes.

Sycara software (siteaudit)

You can use a lot of software to check your site’s SEO and most of it is free. Weirdly the commercial software is hugely expensive.

I’ve never heard of Sycara (and after short search believe it’s no longer available).

  • Moz Pro (looks like they’ve brought their prices down quite a bit)
  • SEM Rush (similarly priced)

I make use of the free versions of these:

Which gives me more than enough to do on sites.

Check out the next very funny clip.

Getting back-links is the most difficult part of SEO. Genuine back-links appear only as a result of

  • useful, high-quality content
  • on-page and off page SEO
  • marketing your web page via social media

If an SEO company is using black-hat SEO techniques, or adding you to some kind of link-farm, then your ranking success will be short-lived.

Author: Edwin James Lynch

Edwin wrote his first (Harrier Jumpjet) computer program in 1982. Today he builds websites utilising best practice, future-proof web development, online marketing and SEO. He lectured for 15yrs+ at Curtin University where (in 2007) he was voted 5th best out of 2,500+ university lecturers in Australia.

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