Search Engine Optimisation

search engine optimisationSearch Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means making your site visible to search engines so that you rank higher on a search engine result page (SERP).

It’s no longer enough to just update your site with images or products. You need to get found. You want Google to index as many pages on your site as possible (they sometimes choose to not index “low quality” pages at all). More high-quality pages means you have the best chance of being found. And that usually means good content.

Give each page on your site the best chance as Google considers each page as if it were a website in itself. Most sites are built visually. It’s rare to see a beautiful site based on code which has been search engine optimised using the latest and best practices.

It’s a good idea to also optimize the underlying code on your site.

SEO Prices

what we do # Pages Cost
On-page SEO each page $99
SEO code optimise & clean up top-level pages $450
Site SEO fix* 15 $1,650
Major Overhaul 30 $2,950

SEO report

Have us take a look at your site ustilising not only software but the latest human advice and recommendations. You can either get us to make the recommended changes or do them yourself. We provide guidance as to how to make changes yourself (some technical skill is required).

SEO Check-up (standard report only) $69
SEO Check-up (includes instructions on how to fix errors on your site with general recommendations) $149

Adding new and useful written content is a good way to get found for certain keyphrases. It’s also a great technique for build Google Adwords landing pages. Good content will not only increase natural search traffic to your website, but it will engage (and hopefully retain) your visitors. Human written shared with similar content across your social media outlets increases your search engine visibility. This is called content marketing and we also offer a plan for that too.

SEO Code Fixes

An immediate boost in ranking

Sometimes your search engine result can’t easily be fixed by simply adding fresh content to your site (although that’s a great start). Web designers aren’t paid to tweak the SEO on your site, so you will most likely need some modifications to the underlying code of your site.

Your code needs to be clean, your HTML tags perfect and there can’t be any dead links. There’s actually loads more to it than that. In fact, there’s a whole industry based around SEO as and will attest.

The above solutions are good for any organization that already updates their website weekly but is having trouble getting indexed by Google.

*NB: This is an intensive service that takes place over a series of weeks. All image files are renamed, HTML tags corrected and other base code and HTTP issues are resolved. We will need FTP access to your server to do this properly.

Website Management

Hire your own personal webmaster

Is somebody looking after your site – or are you getting your secretary to do that? For as little as $249 per annum you can have a dedicated (degree qualified) webmaster looking after the health of your site year round. Some SEO services are also included and general site health is a big factor in SEO.

maintain your website year round from just $249pa

How SEO works

What we actually do

Rough guide to our process

Depending on your server and the code on your website, we approach SEO by fixing as much of the following as is possible.

  • Sort meta tags and duplicate meta tags
  • Fix page titles and descriptions as they appear in Google SERPs
  • Keyword density and usage (each page)
  • Headings and header tags
  • Robots (text) and Sitemap (xml) files
  • Page objects (html, images, css, scripts, css images, video files)
  • Code to text ratio
  • Number of out and inbound links per page
  • Google analytics
  • Image names and alt tags
  • Inline CSS
  • HTML / CSS size and compression
  • Page caching
  • Site speed
  • Social media activity
  • Many other tags and tweaks

DIY Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have the basic code on your site working effectively, you can then add content to your site. It’s best to do so on a regular basis.

In 95% of cases, clients do not add content to their sites appropriately or for their own SEO benefit. In some cases, clients have had pages de-listed by Google as a result of being too enthusiastic with key-phrases within content. You can go to the following sites to learn more about SEO or you can outsource your content to us. Read our Content Marketing prices and plans page for more.

Visit the following websites for more in-depth guidance and information

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

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