29 September 2014
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Accepting criticism on your website

You may not think so now but those negative comments some ranting lunatic left at the bottom of your last news post harbor seeds of love. Have you ever been in an email flame war? Didn’t see eye to eye with someone on a discussion forum? Gone back to a shop to get your money […]

12 October 2013
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I’m #1 on Google . . . Yay?

“They said you’d never make it, but you finally came through . . . this Swan’s made for you.” The lyrics from a self-congratulatory beer ad Alan Bond financed to sell Swan Premium 25 years ago (remember the black can? I bought it because it was black). The modern approach to owning and running a […]

8 July 2013
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7 reasons to choose a freelancer

7 reasons why it’s better to hire a freelance web developer or specialist over a large company. 1. Low Overheads The main reason, perhaps, is because they are cheaper. When there is wages, superannuation, insurance, maternity leave and rent, you have to keep the coal fires burning. And that means taking on every job that […]

7 June 2013
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Why Geoffrey Multimedia?

Geoffrey celebrates 16 years of website design. I encourage clients to upgrade their website every 2 years and recently, I was surprised to see my first commercial design still being employed after 16. It was built in 1997 and now has a back-end CMS developed by Aussie Homes. The (very old) code, graphics and artwork […]

13 May 2013
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How Google makes $1m per day

Keep Your Website Up to Date

Keep your website up to date Below is an overview of a website assessment ($199) I sent to Ross at Canning Bridge Cycles in Applecross. Ross has become both a friend and business advice bureau over the years, but even he admits there’s a lot more he can do with the virtualside of his business. […]

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